Sunday, October 20, 2013

SUNDAY: A Red Leather Day...

I had something different planned to wear today.

Completely different actually.

Yes, I am the one... I am the obsessive planner.

I typically pick out my outfits the night before... I actually do that... have for years.

I had something completely different planned for today last night but when I got up this morning all I could think about was wearing my red leather skirt.



Maybe I was experiencing some kind of strange "skirt withdrawal" after having spent the day in slacks yesterday?  Perhaps it was some kind of unconscious therapy?

Hee Hee

Does anyone else ever have similar kinds of feelings... is that the right word?  You know... that moment when some article of clothing is just calling your name?

Whether anyone else does or not, I accept my little quirks.

Hee Hee

I was sooo happy with today's outfit and compliments were numerous despite the fact that I spent almost the entire day at home.

When an ensemble can begin with one piece and finish looking like this, why wouldn't you build around whatever item seems to be calling you that particular day?

I started with the red leather skirt and added in perhaps the most comfortable turtleneck sweater a girl could ever wear?

It happens to work flawlessly with this skirt, too.

What a glorious day it was.

I got up this morning and dressed right away.  Always my favorite way to start a day.

I walked up to the coffee shop with a neighbor for some java and some gossip.

Back home for a little time on the computer and some quiet reading.

Another neighbor stopped by for lunch and then I went with her to pick up a couple of things just to spend a little more time together on our relaxing day.

Back home for a Meg Ryan marathon.  

I have always loved the girl next door.  Wonder what happened to her?  She hasn't been in a movie in some time as far as I know.

When Harry Met Sally followed by Sleepless In Seattle and then Courage Under Fire.

Great movies.

Relaxing afternoon and evening at home.  Sometimes I like having nothing better to do.

Confession time...

I am the weirdo that likes being "dressed up" so I wore this ensemble all day long but the tall boots didn't make it through all three movies.  Am I forgiven?

Hee Hee

Such a lovely day... wrapping this post up and then I'm off to bed.  The work week beckons.

Hope Your Sunday Was As Great As Mine!

Have A Wonderful Week!

-- The Leather Skirt --

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  1. That's a beautiful red leather skirt! I always do that as well, I plan an outfit the night before and then when I wake up, I really want to wear something different, so I change! Perks of being a girl haha