Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OOTD: Weather The Storm

Not Today Weatherman.  Not Today.

That was my original title for this post.  Not sure why at the last moment I changed my mind?

Sometimes things just come to you like that.

Anyway, today's ensemble was a last minute change this morning.  Not at all what I had originally planned.

Not only was I horribly ill prepared, I was unwittingly fooled by my morning coffee.

That's right, the mocha java almost let me down.

You see, I stepped out onto my balcony for my morning coffee and it was supreme.  Wonderful.  Little did I know... impending disaster.  OK, perhaps a little dramatic.

Hee Hee

You see, the local weatherman bailed me out at the last possible moment.  It was almost too late when I heard the forecast... rain... lots of rain... buckets full of water falling from the sky beginning at lunchtime...

And... I was wearing suede heels and short sleeves...

On second thought, maybe not too dramatic at all?

Hee Hee

Who wants to ruin a wonderful pair of heels sloshing through puddles of water?

So... a quick wardrobe rethink and out the door...

Just a simple sweater that I have had for years but I think the neck line makes it a little bit more interesting.

I think the two work well together.  How about you?

These boots are what make the outfit.  LOVE these boots.  I have had them for years but I hardly ever wear them because I am not really much of a "gray girl" at all.  

You would think that I would find more time for gray considering how much I like black & white together?


 How fabulous are the buckles of these boots?

It has turned out to be a wise switcharoo as the weatherman has nailed it.  The rain has been falling and there is no letup in sight.  I am certain that there are many a puddles between here and home that would mean impending doom to my suede babies.  I think these boots will weather the storm a little better today.

I never know if they actually know what they are talking about or if they just get lucky sometimes?  Either way, I sure am glad that my suede heels are safe at home and not out and about today.

Have A Wonderful Day!

-- The Leather Skirt --

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