Friday, October 18, 2013

FRIDAY: Would You Wear A Leather Skirt To Work?

My name is Jordan Michaels and I love leather skirts.

"Go on, Jordan."

My fascination began in college but it really predates that.  I fell in love with skirts in high school and was always intrigued by the "older" girls that I would occasionally see wearing a leather skirt.

"Jordan, your feelings are completely natural.  Continue."

It started out simply as a great item to wear dancing but before long I found myself wanting to wear my leather skirt while shopping and eventually even to class.  I was arguably obsessed.

"Hmmm... that may be a bit unusual?  Go on."

Over time I graduated and began my professional career.  My collection of leather skirts continued to grow.

"Why do you think you felt the need to graduate?"

I thought this was about my obsession with leather skirts?  Are you not a psychiatrist?

"Psychiatrist?  No, I'm your very bored niece."

So much for the therapy session... on to today's outfit...

So... my simple question...

Would You Wear A Leather Skirt To The Office?

Obviously, I do...

Tailored & feminine white blouse... check.

Attractive & feminine jacket... check.

"Conservative" boots with "sensible" heels... check.

Black pencil skirt... check.

The perfect office combination in late October.

Why would the fact that the skirt is made of leather be an issue?

Fortunately, for me, it isn't.

I have always loved the added buckle detail in these boots.  So much more fashionable than my Born boots... just not as comfortable.  

These are great boots but they are not Born boots.

Wearing Born is like wearing pillows on your feet.


Have you worn your leather skirt to the office?

If not, would you consider wearing one to the office?

Do you even think that it is appropriate?

Have A Fabulous Day!

-- Jordan Michaels --


  1. Wow, that skirt is so work appropriate. I guess it IS possible to make a leather skirt work appropriate:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. I think with the right length and color, not the red or green it could be easily work appropriate, why not.

  3. I loved this! Why not wear a leather skirt to work, they look fabulous and I love how you styled yours.