Friday, October 28, 2011

Style Icons - Megyn Kelly...

Some might ask, "How do you describe your style?"  My answer, "Conservatively Trendy."  So where does that come from... Hopefully this series of posts will demonstrate what I mean.

Accordingly, I am going to start a new series I call "Style Icons" today.  

I am not sure how long this will last?  First, my screen caps are awful.  I didn't realize that until I sat down to actually do this first one.  Ugh!  Second, we'll see what kind of a reaction I get from all of you?  I hope you will enjoy getting to know a little bit more about what guides my fashion sense. 

I am a little different.  I guess to be so willing to open up on the world wide web you have to be just a little different anyway, huh?  But in this case, I mean that I tend to take my fashion inspiration from places other than Hollywood actresses and supermodels.  There are some phenomonallly fashionable ladies in Hollywood but they live in a different world than do I.  First, they have an almost limitless amount of money to spend on clothes.  Second, they tend to run in far more "creative" or "fashionable" circles than do the rest of us.  In other words, anything goes.  In my world, there are always limits.

However, I have found that there are ladies on the television every day that are far better icons for me.  I tend to pay close attention to the talented, beautiful & stylish ladies that bring us the news & weather.  They live in a world where trendy appearance is so critically important but yet some measure of conservative persona is absolutely a must as well.  That is my style for sure.

So, today I present to you one of my all-time favorite style icons... Megyn Kelly.  Megyn, if you are reading this blog post... my apologies in advance for the pictures.

Honestly, I know very little about Megyn except to say that she recently had a baby.  When you see the pictures, I think you will have the same thought that I had... "How could that be?"  She is an anchor on the Fox News Channel (calm down, I watch several news networks, the locals, CNN, MSNBC, Fox... I like perspective) during the week so I get opinions from many sides of an issue.

What I noticed about this ensemble was how an otherwise ordinary white top becomes something more interesting simply because of the sleeves.  Not being a designer I do not pretend to know what that would be called.  Ha!  Also... that skirt is simply gorgeous.  

Could I wear this to work?  Check.  Could I wear this on a date? Check.  Would I wear this just to go shopping? Check.  PERFECT!

I know that the picture does not do the color of this dress justice.  Too bad.  It truly is the most lovely shade of purple that you have ever seen.  Ignoring a color that I love, I think my favorite part of this dress is the way it hangs.  Again, an otherwise boring dress has some interest.  

Could I wear this to work?  Check.  Could I wear this on a date? Check.  Would I wear this just to go shopping? Check.  PERFECT!

This one is a little boring but, oddly, I like it very much.  I think I might have paired the skirt with some color?  Maybe then I would just be in love once again.  I went ahead and included it though because I can see so many uses for this top and I really do like the skirt.  Conservative but cute.

Could I wear this to work?  Check.  Could I wear this on a date? I would wear either but certainly not together.  Would I wear this just to go shopping? Again, not together.  

I went ahead and left both pictures in for this ensemble because the closeup shows the dress better but I am hoping the shoes show fairly well in the first one.  I LOVE what I call "statement shoes" and these little babies are certainly that.  They are just a perfect shade of cranberry red and compliment the otherwise ordinary gray tones on the dress so dramatically.

Some might think, that dress is too tight for the office.  Perhaps?  Personally, I think the mock turtle neck and the fact that it comes down well below the knees makes it workable.  Just conservative enough.

Could I wear this to work?  Certainly with a blazer.  Could I wear this on a date? Check.  Would I wear this just to go shopping? Check.  NOT BAD!

Left both of these in because I wanted you to see just where the skirts falls above her knees.  If you are going to wear leather skirt to the office, the length is extraordinarily critical in my mind.  Knee length is best but just slightly above the knee can work with appropriate compliments in your outfit.  What do you think?

Obviously, I like this outfit a great deal.  In fact, you might see me in something similar to this ensemble almost any day of the week.  The leather skirt is sharp but I also like it paired with the otherwise overly conservative jacket, complete with the militaryesque (my own word... I may even request a patent) belt.  In my opinion, this jacket NEEDS something "edgy" like a leather skirt.  It would be just too boring without it.  Conversely, a skirt like this NEEDS the jacket if it is to spend the day at the office.  Perfect combination.

Could I wear this to work?  Check.  Could I wear this on a date? Check.  Would I wear this just to go shopping? Check.  PERFECT!

Believe it or not, I think my favorite outfit was the first one but I certainly like the last one a great deal as well.  Which one is your favorite?  Would you wear any of them?  Anything you would never wear?
Is the "Style Icon" series an interesting idea?  Should I continue it or not?

Looking forward to reading your comments.

- The Leather Skirt -


  1. I like the idea so keep going like this! i didn't know megyn, however i like her simple style and...her haircut.
    Don't see among my followers, maybe google is making some mess again, could you please retry? i' follow you bavk!

  2. I like how you describe your style and Icon.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and the comment while I was on vacation.

  3. I love Megyn Kelly! My mom is a huge fan of hers and there isn't an outfit she wears that my Mom does not like! I'm willing to bet that when she showed up to CNN in that leather skirt none of her cast members or camera crew asked if her skirt was 'real' and wanted to touch it! I like conservatively trendy as a way to describe your style! My mom taught me everything there is to know about fashion, and you are quite new to my blog, so I should reveal that she takes all of my pictures ;)

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  5. I really like her style! Simple but so chic. :)

  6. Her style is all gorgeous. You will be so proud of me. I bought three leather (well faux leather) black skirts this weekend. First of all I was at H&M and got a pencil shape with a tie waist. Then I was thrifting at Value World and scored two more, one a longer pencil and the other a long A-line and I got both of them for like $4, YAY!

  7. Ladies, I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY that you all take the time to read my thoughts. This blog is proving to be such fun! Maybe even more fun than I had envisioned. The only problem... time. I will post as often as I can & I hope you will all drop by whenever you can.

    Kassi... I left you a note on your blog but I wanted you to know that I can't wait to hear about your new leather skirts. Obviously, I love mine & I know that you will just love yours, too.

    Chelsea... Simple & chic rocks!

    Caterina... Thank you for commenting.

    Bravoe... I think it is SO COOL that your mom takes your pictures. I guess your blog makes for a nice "bonding" time for you guys? BTW... I suspect that you are right that nobody asked Megyn about her leather skirt. I'll have some more stories in the next post... this time from the suburbs... ha!

    Daphne... I have been an avid reader of your blog for sometime. It seems like you have such a great family. I am in awe of you. How you manage such young children & still manage to maintain such chic style... amazing.

    Francesca... I am following you, promise. Do not know why I do not show up but I see your new posts everytime one goes up. Promise.

    - The Leather Skirt -