Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Leather Skirt Returns...

Lady's... Today I make my return to regular blogging.  I would say, "Triumphant Return" but we all know that I may not be able to keep up.  A return cannot be "triumphant" if it is consistent and lasting.  Just my opinion.

Mercy, I have so missed the whole program.  I have missed sharing my closet and my thoughts on "dressing well" with all of you.  I have missed the inspiration that I received each time I read your blogs.  I missed the joy of "adding" a new follower to my blog and discovering a new "blogger friend" to follow myself, too.

Blogging was fun.

I am hoping that my blog is back in regular business but things are likely to change in my little corner of the Internet.  For one thing, there will almost certainly be fewer OOTD posts from me.  I think that I am leaning towards a format that shares more about other people and less about me.  Who knows?  This is very much a work in progress.


My last post was on December 17, 2012.  Goodness... That was a long time ago.  Most of you certainly forgot that my little blog was even one that you "follow."  Many of you have didn't even notice when I "unplugged." Hopefully some of you wondered where I went?

When I "unplugged" back in November, it was unexpected and "total" so I didn't just quit posting on my blog, I quit reading your blogs, too.  I have missed them.

I spent several hours over the past few days catching up... at least mostly.  I confess, I didn't read them all and I commented on virtually none.

I see that congratulations are in order for many of you.  My heartfelt congratulations to all of you that welcomed a new baby in recent months or are currently "growing" a new one.   I see that we I have a few "friends" that married this year, too.  Wonderful!  I wish all of you nothing but the very best... The very best.  I am sorry that I missed all of the "announcements" when they were first sent out.

So where have I been?

Without a bunch of details that are both boring and very inconsequential, let's just say that I have had a number of other priorities for the past several months.  I think that things have settled back into a routine again.  I really do hope so as I plan to post at least 3-4 times a week going forward.  Only time will tell?  I will say this at a minimum, I have a new found respect for you guys that find the time to post regularly.  Hee Hee

So... to new beginnings...


-- The Leather Skirt --


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