Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Is Made For Leather...

I am the BIGGEST fan of dressing in the Fall.


I am not really sure just how "Fall" today really will be as the forecast calls for temps well into the 70's (Fahrenheit) but the winds are supposed to be quite stiff so it should feel a little cooler.

Truth... I am tired of waiting... it IS November 10th!

If you read my blog at all, you also know that I am a HUGE fan of wearing my leather skirts.

I know, I know... understatement.

If you are new to my blog, you probably guessed that by the title alone.

However, during the Fall and Winter there is just NOTHING in my closet more fun to wear than my beloved leather pants.  LOVE them!

I have left comments on a number of blogs in recent weeks regarding my "Saturday Uniform."

I call it a "uniform" but it is really more like a "formula."

Simply put...

Leather Pants + Great Sweater + Heels = Wonderful Ensemble.

This particular pair is from North Beach Leather... one of the finest purveyor's of leather clothing that I have ever discovered.  Unfortunately, like Harold's, Casual Corner and so many other retailer's that captured my attention... North Beach Leather was also felled by the Great Ressession.

Life goes on.

I still have my leather dress slacks so it cannot all be bad.

I have a pair of leather jeans and I wear them from time to time but I find myself gravitating towards my "dressier" pair more and more frequently.

What can I say?  I like being "dressed up."

In addition to leather, I like black.  Black is versatile and always chic.

Naturally, my only leather pants would be black.  Have seen some great colors this Fall but the only ones that have made my heart flutter a bit have been the burgundy.  Hmmm... 

In addition to black, I like RED, I like RED very much. 

Put red and black together... match made in heaven.

I'm just saying...

This sweater is from Casual Corner.  I could not even guess how long I have had it.  Does anyone even remember that store?

100% cashmere.  Soft.  I mean... super soft.

Add in a wonderful cowl neck collar... perfect sweater in my eyes.

I tucked the sweater in just for this picture.  I wanted to show you a closer look at the seem work and detailing that North Beach Leather put into their work.  Flawless.

Truth... this sweater is far too short to be tucked in so I always wear it out on the weekends.  Sometimes when I wear it to work I hassle with trying to keep it tucked simply because I think any top that is tucked in  is sharper and provides for a more "finished" look to the ensemble.  

What do you think?

I wear a variety of boots and shoes with these leather pants.  I wear boots and "dress shoes" with these pants, it depends upon my mood on any given day.  I also like to add a little color to an ensemble with different shoes from time to time.

My default... black boots, always low cut.  Today I went with that as I feel like the red sweater has the "color thing" taken care of all by itself.  Hee Hee

Cute boots.  "Sensible" heels.  I am actively looking for some that I like with a little more heel height.  

I have seen a couple of pairs that I liked but it has been hard to justify the money as I just do not like low cut boots with skirts and, as you know, I rarely wear slacks.  

Will probably just get some more wear out of these although the "winter clearances" are not that many months down the road... Hmm...

Hee Hee

A quick update for my regular readers...

I have almost completed my "answers" to your "questions" from my post a few days ago.  I will try to get them posted on Monday.  I have a special ensemble in mind already for Veteran's Day tomorrow so I intend to get that posted first.

As always, I love reading your comments and appreciate them all so very much.  I do try very hard to return them in kind but I know I have been remiss of late.  I am striving to catch back up.  Please do not give up on me.


-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. Red and black are always a nice combo. I'm a fan of dressing for fall too, but not winter. Yucky!

  2. North Beach Leather exists today in the form of West Coast Leather ( I browsed their store several years ago during a trip to San Francisco and the leather quality is top notch.

  3. loving this look the leather pants looks amazing in this look sweetie.