Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bret Micheals?

The title of this post?  Stay with me... I am getting to it...

Before I continue... I do understand that there are far more important issues at hand.

"Peace" between Israel and the Palestinians is "unstable."

The pending "Fiscal Cliff" threatens dire circumstances for our already weak economy.

It is estimated that well over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during 2012... in the USA alone.

Lest we forget... this is MOSTLY a fashion blog.  Inconsequential in the grand scheme of truly important matters but hopefully fun for me and those of you that take the time to read.

BUT... it is also intended to address crucial subjects such as...


I have to admit... I chuckled a bit (actually out loud) while typing this post. 

Hee Hee

I hope that I am not the only one tickled a bit by my incredible wit?

Even that was supposed to be a little funny.

Hee Hee


On Monday my sister was still recovering from the nasty sinus infection that she was fortunate enough to contract over the Thanksgiving Weekend.  You may recall from my previous post that I spent the weekend with them.  Wonderful weekend.


She took the day off from work so I dropped her kids at school on the way to the office.  Personally, I think she just wanted one day of peace and quiet after the mayhem of two elementary school aged kids at home for a full week.  Hee Hee


While in the "drop-off line," (BTW... a remarkably efficient system) I noticed one of the teachers.

She looked like a man.


She had long flowing blond hair, a reasonably nice figure and a pretty face.  She could have been so much more feminine with just a little effort?

I did not take her picture for two reasons...

1)  Rude.  Simple as that.  She did not ask to be on my blog.


2)  There was no need.  I could Google her picture so easily.

Here you go...

This is her... I kid you not!  Twins!  Separated at birth!

Bret Michaels!  I swear!

Unfortunately (okay... I already mentioned Gaza & Cancer), she elects to take on the persona of a frustrated former front man for '80's big hair band. 


Now do not get me wrong, I LOVE Poison.

I am not old enough to actually remember them gracing the airwaves with regularly but Big 'Sis gave me a box of her old cassettes (yes, cassettes... how old am I???) when I was around 13.

Some of those old songs still stick with me.

Honestly.  Every Rose Has It's Thorns is a classic ballad that all reading this blog should listen to again (or for the first time) right now. 

Try this You Tube link.

Bring back any memories?

Okay, so Poison is not exactly Bach or Beethoven (not that I really appreciate their genius either) but their artistic talents speak so clearly to a love struck 9th grader.  Occasionally even one a bit older.  Hee Hee

Back to the fashion...

Why do women do this?  Does anyone know?

We have the ability to be so feminine.  I personally like being a woman.  I like dressing like a woman.

Why do women want to be men?

Generally, men are stupid.  Funny stupid, but stupid nonetheless.

Hee Hee

Men have no sense of style.  None.  I cannot begin to recount the number of times I have seen a couple out for the evening.  Girlfriend... sharp, even sexy... boyfriend... did you just get out of bed?

Men say stupid things.  Sometimes they know it and say it anyway.  I have decided that this is out of their control... kind of like breathing.  Sometimes they sincerely do not realize how stupid their statement is.  I have also decided that this is out of their control.  Merely ignorance based largely in an inability to observe even the most obvious things going on around you.

Hee Hee

Men are a mess.  I know it is hard but the beer can really will not fly to the recylcing bin on it's own.  Same goes for the pair of jeans on the floor, the half read news paper...

I could go on and on.  Hee Hee

Before I sign off let me be VERY clear.  I truly LOVE men.  I am not a hater.  I just do not understand them.  Men are great... they are just men.  I accept them as such.  I ask nothing more than what they are capable of providing.

Which brings me back to the point of this post...

Why do women want to look like men?

God LOVE Bret Michaels... BOTH of them...

Hee Hee

I hope you half as much fun reading this one as I had writing it?

As always, I look forward to reading your comments.  I get so excited every time that I see a new one.  I read them all!  I do try VERY hard to circle back to each and every one.  Please be patient with me.


-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. Jordan, I ask myself this exactly question all the time I see a men (dressed as a woman) and the other way around and haven't found the answer yet. I just think they dont feel comfy in their own skin and they feel themselves born in a wrong body? I honestly love beeing a girly girl woman, I dont even drink beer cuz its just a rednex man thing in my eyes :-D.

    WE dont celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, remember I am a german gal ;-) a hahaha

    Have a great one Jordan ;-)

  2. This post is hilarious!!! I will never understand it, b/c I've been such a girly-girl since age 2 according to my mom. Never left the house without nail polish for one year when I was 5, my poor mom.:)

  3. Cool post!


  4. Funny commentary on an age old question...I'm at a loss, it doesn't make sense to me...maybe it's a way to feel powerful or gain power. Just a thought.

  5. She really really does look like Brett Michaels!! That is so funny. Twins!
    I love looking feminine as well so I will never get it. But it's true, some people were just born in the wrong body. Perhaps she feels sexiest in this way :)

    xoxo Alison

  6. I am giggling! why bret michaels of all people!? eh, to each their own
    Xo Megan,

    1. now if I start to look like bret, shock me with estrogen.

  7. i love poison :)

  8. Omg this was kinda mean :x

    LOL I bet she feels vindicated as a teacher. Putting up with so much crap, long hours, and being underpaid, I would stop caring about my looks too. Not that fashionistas always have rewarding jobs. Just saying it's more likely I think... okay failed attempts at empathy!

    Thanks for the well wishes :)

  9. Hahahaha.... this post made me laugh. Very crucial world problem indeed.

    Xo Amy,
    Would you like to stay connected through Bloglovin and GFC?

  10. This was definitely entertaining. I would hope majority of us do not want to look like men. I sure would hope so.

  11. I could just swear you are not on Bloglovin lol. Funny post. My question is why do men wanna look like women???


  12. LOL bret michaels do look like a woman sometimes. And i do wonder sometimes why women dress like men. I have a friend thats the exact same thing.

  13. OMG she does look like a man and too much of a resemblance with Bret. Thank you for visiting my blog once again and for the sweet thoughts. Have a fun weekend.


  14. I had so much fun reading this post! I think it is interesting to stop to think about this, because each day I see even more girls dressing as boys. Maybe is the gender theory or some new ideology... anyway, bright piece of humor ;)

  15. That dress's looking stunning on you!

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  17. THIS IS FANTASTIC! She really does look like Bret Michaels. That is ridiculous. I'm not sure why women want to look like men-lazy probably...I don't get it either, but it happens all the time to seemingly (with a little help) attractive women. Great post!


    Erin @

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