Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Random Day Off...

Before I go on... Two things...

First... God's Blessings to all that are so harshly impacted by Hurricane Sally.  My heart goes out to you all.

Second... I will begin working on your questions from my previous post immediately.  Hopefully I will have the answers posted in a day or two?

So anyway...

I took today off.

No particular reason.

I just needed a day.

Do you ever feel that way?

I will not be laying around the house but I am not using my day for errands either.

Today is a fun and relaxing day just for me.

I was up early, met a an old college friend for breakfast.  I have a "lunch date" in just a few minutes.  Planning some shopping after lunch and then dinner with my friend Cindy.

Rob has given her the night off.

Hee Hee

Will be a wonderful day ahead.

Here is what I am wearing...

My beloved caramel leather skirt...

This lovely beige blouse...

and the best pair of shoes I have ever owned!

Simple ensemble.

Earth tones.

A little cheetah and leather for just a little "edge."
If you have been reading my blog for awhile you have certainly seen this skirt.  I really do wear it often.

You may recall from this post that it was a gift from Mom last Christmas?

Mom rocks!  She still always looks fabulous.  You will rarely "catch" her away from home without her heels and a skirt.  It is just how we roll.  That did not even sound right.

Hee Hee

The skirt is made by Danier.  It is softer than I could ever explain.

You have heard of "buttery soft leather"... I am sure that this skirt is the reason that term was first written.

I chose this wonderful blouse just to provide a little "feminine softness" to counter the "edge" of wearing any leather skirt, even one that is not black or red.

Almost wore the red one today.  Almost.

This lovely blouse has been in rotation for many years.  I wear it all year long.  The long sleeves make it appropriate for cooler months but the light material and color make it so comfortable, even on the hottest days.

Besides, I do not mind telling you that I feel quite "girlie" when I wear it.

Nevermind the wonderful color and cut... look at the cuffs and those cute little buttons.

I almost want to giggle as I type. 

Hee Hee

Despite my obsession with leather I really am quite the "girlie" type.  Honest. 

I really think these two garmets were "born" to be paired together.

The different textures.

The color pallet.

The cut of each.

They really are quite complimentary... at least I think so.

What do you think?
Throw in my current favorite footwear...

Ann Taylor has simply designed a fabulous pair of heels.  Fabulous!

The ladies in the office would probably tell you that I wear them too much?  Perhaps you think the same?

They truly are wonderful shoes.  Incredible look.  Comfortable.  Trendy... yet, classic.  Perfect!

It appears that they are still available here if you want a pair of your very own.

I am so happy that I made the purchase... so happy!

So here is the whole ensemble...

What do you think?

Oops... look at the time... going to be late for lunch... gotta go!


-- The Leather Skirt --


  1. I feel that way too often! I would love a day off soon but it takes forever to save up days where I work. Honestly, as a writer, sometimes I feel I would get more done at home without the distraction of coworkers or people chatting around me. It can be hard to focus! Gorgeous outfit, I can tell you that I would probably not be looking that chic if I were taking a day off ;) :)

  2. Buttery soft leather and leopard pumps. . . love! And hope your relaxing :)
    Red Soles and Red Wine

  3. Jordan, I know those days and sometimes we just need some time for us. Its always good to meet friend and catch up and relax. I ADORE your look, its so chic and stylish and timeless, the leopard pumps make your look super special.


  4. That is a gorgeous blouse and it looks nice with the skirt and does you selected!

  5. sometimes you just need a day off :)

    xo Jennifer

  6. Glad you were able to take a day off, relax, and have fun. Sometimes it is nice to just stop and smell the roses.

  7. oh, I do understand you! I day off is very cool and we do all need it sometimes for no reason.

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm your newest follower

  8. Love that tan skirt, beautiful and beautiful shoes too! I am actually wearing a leather skirt on my blog today- how great that I've come across your blog! I am following you now!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict

  9. I always feel like I need one of those days :) Loving your leopard heels lady!

  10. Seriously LOVE the shoes - adorable.


  11. I love that skirt! It's gorgeous! Hope you enjoy your day off!

  12. ahh yes I call those mental health days haha, so necessary.


  13. I love this whole look especially the shoes! new follower!


  14. I definitely know the feeling of just needing a day off. I am itching for a day or two off just to do me-things as well! Maybe it has something to do with fall?


  15. those shoes are FAB! i know more than ever how a day all for yourself is SO needed...hope you enjoyed it!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  16. Glad that you took a day off! I think we all need one every now and then! Love this outfit! The skirt and shoes are so amazing! I would love to follow each other but I don't use GFC, I only use bloglovin. Do you have a link to your bloglovin account?


  17. of course I know that feeling. sometimes you just need a day off

  18. Cute heels!

    X Jenny

  19. I hope you had a good day off! I really do love those mid-week days, where you can just relax, meet someone for lunch and do whatever else your heart dewsires!
    I love love love this skirt! And the shoes are gorgeous, of course. A very chic look for a lunch date :)

    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    xoxo Alison

  20. I am so jealous of your day off! I called in sick today, but it was so I can work on a big paper for my textual analysis class.

    Love your heels :) The whole ensemble is great. It makes me WANT to work at a cubicle now so I can show off haha!

    Following you :)

  21. Preciosos zapatos.

    Un saludo so chic.

  22. those pumps are fabulous, gorgeous outfit!!!

  23. Amazing shoes,babe!

  24. Lovely outfit! I like a lot the colors :)

  25. You have a great blog. Glad you took a day off... we are all entitled! Thank you for the good blessings, i'm from Jersey and we are all on recovery mode. Though i'm certainly counting my blessings as we are ok. The damage on the house was minimal and the power outage and gas situation will be fine. Many were not so lucky :( Would love it if you stopped by my blog. If you follow let me know and i'll follow back too:) xoxo

  26. i soo need a day off! i am jealous

    love from San Francisco,

  27. Lucky you for get a day off. Enjoy and have fun. I love this skirt and shoes. Thank you for visiting and for all the sweet thoughts. Stay in touch !


  28. GORGEOUS! Love this look! SO chic! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  29. perfect look dear!!in love with your heels!!
    xoxo and have a nice week=)